Robin’s Nest Family Child Care

 Hello, my name is Robin Cushing and welcome to Robin’s Nest Family Childcare in Oxnard. I have been licensed by the state of California since 1990. I have been a provider here in Oxnard since 1994 and prior to our move here I was a provider in Northridge. I consider family childcare a serious profession and in fact I have made it my career. I was also the Co-President of our child care association. Our association’s goal was to improve child care in our community by educating providers  thru various workshops.  I co-wrote a grant which funded us to attend several conferences at the State level.  I have also attended child development classes at Oxnard College along with many workshops and Provider Forums. I offer CPR and First Aid training in my home to about 20 providers every 2 years. My husband and I added on to our home in 2005, I wanted an area specifically for the kids. They have a 500 sq ft. area with their own playroom, bathroom and an area for sleeping. We have raised three loving daughters of our own and they have all grown to make us proud.